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You need to know that while spiders are helpful predators when they are in our homes, spiders and the insects they eat need to be eliminated. Learn more about the spiders in Northern Nevada with the help of our spider control guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Spiders are often lumped together with insects as common household pests, and while spiders may be unwanted guests in our homes, they are not insects; they are arachnids and part of the same class as other Nevada pests, such as scorpions, mites, and ticks.


Being an arachnid means that spiders lack wings and antennae, only have two body segments, and the adults have eight legs. Other features of spiders include many eyes (usually between six and eight), fang-like mouthparts, and the ability to produce venom and silk. Spiders use silk for things like building webs, lining burrows, as a tether, and as a way to wrap up their captured prey.

The spider is a creature that many people fear, and most homeowners don’t want them hanging around their homes. We understand this, but we also want to clarify that most of the spiders you will come across in your yard and home aren’t a threat and, in controlled numbers, help to limit nuisance insect populations.


Spiders all produce venom, but the majority only have venom potent enough to threaten their insect prey. A bite from most spiders will only result in mild redness around the bite site.


Another good piece of news is that spiders aren’t aggressive and want to stay away from large predators like people. Most spider bites are accidental and result from a spider trying to stop itself from being harmed.


However, we need to mention that Nevada is home to some dangerous spiders, which have venom potent enough to harm a person. If you are ever concerned about the spiders you see on your property, it is best to give us a call so we can identify the species and help you remove them.

Large populations of spiders are generally the result of a widespread pest problem on your property that you must address. Spiders are predators and will follow their insect prey wherever they travel, including your yard or home. Things that attract insects and spiders to our properties include standing water, dense vegetation, open trash cans, and outdoor lighting.

Most spiders prefer the outdoors and won’t seek out indoor living conditions. Typical spider habitats include gardens, trees, brush piles, and wooded areas. Spiders usually only move indoors when food sources become scarce. Insects they like to feed on, like ants, flies, and cockroaches, regularly move into our homes to escape harsh weather and feed on your family’s food inside.


Spiders in our homes tend to gather in areas close to their insect prey, like kitchens, bathrooms, crawl spaces, and wall voids. The corners of rooms, spaces under furniture, window sills, and closets are their most common hideouts.

Get rid of spiders from your property by reaching out to a Northern Nevada pest professional. Having large numbers of spiders scurrying around your yard or home is unsettling; let us help remove them with the help of our year-round pest control solutions in Reno.


When partnering with us at Celtic Pest Control, you will receive year-round pest solutions, high-quality services, excellent customer service, and honest rates. We are a local company and are proud to be part of the communities we serve. Trust us to do the job the right way! Call today to learn more about home spider control solutions in Reno and surrounding areas!

Spiders live where their prey does, so the best way to limit spiders on your property is to make your yard less attractive to insects. Excess water from leaky pipes, hoses, or irrigation systems will attract many insects; quickly repair leaks on your property. Both spiders and insects love areas of dense vegetation that provide shade, moisture, and shelter. Keep the grass cut short, cut back shrubbery from your home, and maintain garden areas. Place lids on all trash cans, keep outdoor lights off whenever possible, and pick up uneaten pet food to further limit insect activity on your property.


To learn more about our services and eco-friendly pest treatments, reach out today to learn about the best home and commercial pest control in Reno!

Our ultimate goal is to provide customer satisfaction. We guarantee that if you detect any live pest activity in between scheduled visits, we will return to re-treat the affected area at no extra cost, usually within 24 hours. As the top-rated pest control company in Reno & Sparks NV, Fernley, Carson City, and Washoe County, we are confident that you will find our services valuable in protecting your home or business. Call us today for a free quote.

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